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Ridhi Mehndi Flower Necklace Set


Introducing the Ridhi Mehndi Flower Necklace Set - an artificial flower jewellery piece that embodies the essence of Indian and Pakistani traditional wear. This beautiful Dolki jewellery set is perfect for those special occasions such as Haldi and Mehndi ceremonies. The set features a stunning combination of yellow and red flower petals, immaculately crafted to exude elegance.

This necklace set is perfect for those who want to add a touch of floral finesse to their ensemble without compromising on the sophistication that comes with traditional jewellery pieces. The intricate design showcases a stunning combination of artificial flowers, expertly crafted using premium materials.

The Ridhi Mehndi Flower Necklace Set is guaranteed to be an investment piece for any wardrobe, with its timeless design ensuring it stays in fashion for years to come. Whether you're attending a special occasion or simply want something eye-catching in your collection, this floral jeweller from our online UK store will not disappoint.

Don't miss out on this opportunity - add some colour and vibrancy into your outfit by purchasing this beautiful Dolki Jewellery Set today! 

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