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Eliza Ivory Flower Earrings Set


Bling yourself with floral ivory earrings set. Artificial floral jewelry never gets out of style and that’s why we help you stand out from the crowd. Traditional events are incomplete without jewelry for females. The ivory color is the one that suits any ethnic outfit because in the traditional Asian formal outfits the gold and its tone including ivory are a must. Every element of these earrings set with tikka is purely handcrafted with love and you will get your desired look when worn. Whether you want to make a style statement with a traditional note of floral jewelry or you need some subtle look, this ivory earring set will assist you.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for your new look in this floral ivory earring set!

Why will you love this floral ivory earring set?

  • Ivory floral Sahara earrings with golden strings and off-white pearl details
  • Sahara earrings and tikka with stylish beads
  • You can choose from any traditional wedding ceremony
  • Gorgeous gift for females who love artificial floral jewelry
  • Ease of styling due to the Saharas
  • Available in white floral design with pearls embellishment

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